Clovis Christian School

Our elementary school provides a safe and confident learning environment where children are encouraged to take risks, ask questions and develop strong skills that build upon one another. Early learning years are the foundation for building strong connections to the world and those in it. Children should, and will be given many opportunities to experience learning in a tangible and developmentally appropriate way for their age and developmental stage. We honor the fact that parents are the first teachers of children, and it is through our partnership that your child and family will have a wonderful learning experience.

clovis christian schools about imageOur Mission

Our mission is to partner with parents by providing a superb education enabling your child to reach the potential God intended.

Vision Statement

CCPS expects that students will exhibit the qualities of leadership, enthusiasm, commitment, responsibility, initiative, and compassion.  Students are trained to follow the model set by our Lord Jesus Christ.  Teachers, staff, and students are expected to exhibit Christ-like and godly behavior at all times.  CCPS maintains the highest academic standards and is committed to heling each student reach his/her full academic, spiritual, physical, and social potential.

Our History

Clovis Christian Schools was founded in 1977 by Dr. Lloyd Ledbetter. At that time it was called Chestnut Avenue Baptist Academy (CABA).  From its inception, the school was a kindergarten through twelfth grade organization.  Forty-five students were enrolled that first year.  The school started to offer the local community an alternative to the area’s public school education.  From its beginning, CABA established its uniqueness by including Bible courses in the curriculum.

Dr. J. Otis Ledbetter became CABA’s president in 1985.  It was clear that the school’s growth demanded more resources and a larger facility.  After over a decade of searching, a suitable property was finally located.  An established Independent Studies Program came to CABA in 1996 and requested to operate under the school’s umbrella.  It was approved and has operated with its own director since September, 1996.  On June 12th, Kimberly Bonjorni became the new owner/administrator of Clovis Christian Schools, Preschool-Elementary.

Our Desire for Our Students

Committed Christians

  • Understand the Biblical Meaning and method of salvation and have been led to the prospect of accepting Jesus Christ personally
  • Know how to use the Bible as the guidebook for life and are committed to living by its principles

Effective Communicators

  • Express and defend the essential doctrines of the Christian faith
  • Gather, organize, and assimilate information and communicate clearly through the use of speaking, writing, and technology
  • Receive and interpret messages critically and respond appropriately
  • Work conscientiously to resolve conflict by peaceful means through constructive processes

Critical Thinkers

  • Make responsible decisions
  • Demonstrate life skills of application, analysis, and evaluation
  • Utilize problem-solving strategies in any given situation
  • Discern right from wrong using the Bible as the standard.

Quality Producers

  • Demonstrate a willingness to utilize the gifts and abilities God has given them
  • Set, pursue, and accomplish realistic, challenging academic and personal goals
  • Seek to demonstrate standards of excellence
  • Acknowledge and accept personal responsibility for their actions